Space Advancement Organizations

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1   Link   AIA (Aerospace Industries Association)
2   Link   AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
Professional development and advocacy group for the aerospace industry
3   Link   Astronaut Memorial Foundation
4   Link   Coalition for Space Exploration
A collaboration of space industry businesses and advocacy groups supporting and inspiring the agenda of human and robotic space exploration by NASA and America's space industry.
5   Link   Commercial Spaceflight Federation
A private spaceflight industry group sharing best practices and expertise, and promoting the growth of the commercial space industry worldwide
6   Link   National Space Club
The Florida Committee providing professional development and stimulating advancement of space applications and recognizing contributions to advancements in aerospace science, operations, research, and education
7   Link   National Space Society - Florida Chapter
A grassroots space advocacy group based near NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The NSS mission is to provide opportunities for space enthusiasts to become space activists through public outreach events.
8   Link   SIA (Satellite Industry Association)
Washington D.C.-based trade association representing the leading global satellite operators, service providers, manufacturers, launch service providers, and ground equipment suppliers
9   Link   Space Foundation
Nonprofit organization supporting space activities, space professionals and education