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Statement from Space Florida President Frank DiBello Regarding Orbital’s Recent Cygnus Milestone -

Oct 04, 2013

“On September 29th, Orbital Sciences achieved a major milestone by successfully docking its Cygnus spacecraft to the International Space Station and delivering 1,300 pounds of supplies to ISS astronauts.

As a result of completing this critical demonstration mission for NASA’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) Program, Orbital may now begin flying its eight contracted NASA cargo missions, starting later this year. This makes Orbital the second major commercial launch provider to officially provide cargo ferrying services to and from the ISS, for NASA.

It’s an exciting time for the U.S. Space Program, as companies like Orbital and SpaceX continue to prove that commercial launch providers offer cost-effective, reliable services that will undoubtedly keep our country at the forefront of the global space marketplace for many years to come.

Many congratulations to Orbital on your recent achievement. We look forward to watching your continued success!”

 Frank A. DiBello


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