Why Exploration Park?

Your Link to Launch - Located just outside of the gates of Kennedy Space Center, Exploration Park is on Florida’s Space Coast - the only place in the world with a Quadramodal Transportation Hub featuring transportation by land, air, sea and space.

Sustainable Development - Exploration Park is being developed with an emphasis on sustainability, from the preservation of natural wetbeds to LED street lights and the connectivity of the various building pads. Each facility will be built to LEED Silver or equivalent standards.

Favorable Tax and Wage Climate - Florida’s attractive tax code includes:

  • No state personal income tax
  • No state-level property tax
  • No business inventory tax
  • No corporate income tax on Limited Partnerships and S-Corporations

Engineering-Ready Workforce Fueling Innovation - With 48 engineers per 1,000 workers and ranking in the top 30-most engineer-populated metros in the country, this area has the utmost concentration of high-tech industries helping elevate the economy in the state of Florida.

Technology & Innovation Synergy - As the birthplace of space research and exploration, Florida’s Space Coast has grown to be the home of rapidly expanding, cutting-edge industries. 

Exploration Park has sites available NOW for lease or build-to-suit - Exploration Park is ideally situated adjacent to some of the world’s biggest thinkers. The site offers 24/7 access that is easy and reliable. The park is serviced with all necessary utilities and emergency services, and offers sites ready for development and research and development, office, and light manufacturing space ready for lease and build-to-suit.

Exploration Park is a collection of innovators, risk-takers, and the occasional sound-barrier breaker. Ideal tenants to join them include those specializing in the following areas:

  • Aerospace contractors and commercial space service providers supporting US government and private space initiatives
  • Bio-technology and life/environmental sciences
  • Clean energy research, development and demonstration
  • Advanced technology for automation, robotics, and micro-electronics
  • Spacecraft fabrication, assembly, and component manufacturing
  • IT, cyber security and homeland security
  • Education/university high-tech research

Proximity to the diverse space access and technology assets of Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral makes Exploration Park a compelling site for all who seek to improve our lives on earth through scientific inquiry, technological innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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