Space Florida has entered into an innovative bi-lateral partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority (OCS) to support joint aerospace research & development projects. Florida and Israeli companies are invited to form teams and submit joint applications for this program. Up to $1 million in grant awards may be made to Florida companies under this program in FY 2023. Space Florida administers the program in conjunction with the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), the Israeli governmental funding agency. . The application deadline is no later than 2:00 pm EDT, Monday, February 19, 2024.

Download Call for Projects 2024



  • Sidus Space, Merritt Island Florida and Maris-Tech, Israel
  • Arralis Space Daytona Beach, Florida & Ayecka Communications Systems, Israel
  • Guidant Autonomous Intelligence, Boca Raton, Florida and Novelsat Limited, Israel
  • ETA Space, Rockledge, Florida and Helios Project, Israel
  • Sidus Space, Merritt Island, Florida & Lulav Space, Israel


  • KBR Wyle Services (Titusville, Florida) & Purammon (Israel)
  • LightPath Technologies (Orlando, Florida) & QuantLR (Israel)
  • Redwire Space (Jacksonville, Florida) & StemRad (Israel)
  • Censy’s Technologies (Daytona Beach, Florida) & MobiliComm (Israel)
  • ETA Space (Rockledge, Florida) & Helios-Project (Israel)


  • Craig Technologies/MTI Wireless Edge
  • Everix Optical Filters/SolCold
  • Redwire Space/StemRad
  • LightPath Technologies/RP Optical Lab


  • Everix Optical Filters/SunCold
  • SynMatter/Green ICPS
  • Made In Space/StemRad
  • Censy’s Technologies Corporation/MobiliComm


  • CADW Therapeutics, LLC/SpacePharma R&D of Israel
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation/StemRad LTD
  • Harris Corporation/Nano Dimension LTD
  • Semplastics EHC, LLC/Polymertal LTD


  • GaN Corp/Astronautics C.A. LTD
  • Made in Space/Nano Dimension LTD
  • Pheronym/BioBee Sde Eliyahu LTD
  • Semplastics EHC, LLC/Polymertal LTD


  • Micro – gRx/Sanford Burnham Preby’s Medical Discovery Institute/SpacePharma
  • Harris Corporation/Nano Dimensions
  • SynergyWerks Aerospace/D-Vision
  • HeuRobotics/A-Growing
  • Semplastics Inc./Nano Dimensions


  • CadW Therapeutics/Scripps Florida/SpacePharma
  • Lockheed Martin Space Systems/STEMRAD
  • Vision Engineering Systems/Semiconductor Devices
  • Simiosys LLC + SIFT/E1 Mind A


  • Micro gRx/SpacePharma
  • Cella Energy/Aerospace Industries, Ltd.
  • Lockheed Martin Space Systems/STEMRAD
  • General Capacitor/Elbit Systems Land and C4I, Ltd.