The future is a place where…

Florida is the leading global and interplanetary center for sustainable aerospace commerce.

Mission Areas

  • Increase Investment Activity in Florida’s Aerospace Ecosystem
  • Maximize Capacity and Capability of Florida’s Spaceport System
  • Accelerate Innovation in Commercial Aerospace Applications
  • Enable Statewide Industry Growth

Core Values

Space Florida Core Values

Media Contact: Anna Alexopoulos Farrar 954.647.7059

Corporate Office

505 Odyssey Way, Suite 300

Exploration Park, FL 32953

FAX: 321-730-5307

Space Florida History

Over the years, space has become about more than just launching rockets. New opportunities opened for commercial entities to get in the game. But for startups and established aerospace companies alike, funding their ventures and finding the ideal place to launch their new ideas was proving to be almost as hard as rocket science. So in 2006, three of Florida’s existing state space entities combined to form Space Florida as a independent special district and innovation connector. A unique state statute was enacted that opened the door to more creative financing options and infrastructure access – making aerospace ventures much easier to launch. This attracted even more aerospace activity to the region. And every new deal brought new ideas and broader experience to the Space Florida community.

Today, Space Florida offers leading aerospace companies unrivaled experience, unmatched financial tools, and an unbeatable location for their new initiatives. World-class companies ranging from Northrop Grumman to Blue Origin to EVE Air Mobility have all built long-term relationships with Space Florida.