• Governor Ron DeSantis

    Governor Ron DeSantis

    State of Florida

  • Lieutenant Governor Jeanette M. Nuñez

    Lieutenant Governor Jeanette M. Nuñez

    Chairman of the Board
    State of Florida

  • Anthony Barbar

    Anthony Barbar

    President and CEO
    Barbar & Associates

  • Jason Clement

    Jason Clement

    The Sports Facilities Companies

  • Rodney Cruise

    Rodney Cruise

    Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

  • Sonya Deen-Hartley

    Sonya Deen-Hartley

    Vice President of Government Relations
    JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

  • Danny Gaekwad

    Danny Gaekwad

    Danny Gaekwad Development & Investments

  • Mori Hosseini

    Mori Hosseini

    Chairman & CEO
    ICI Homes

  • Belinda Keiser

    Belinda Keiser

    Vice Chancellor of Community Relations and Student Advancement
    Keiser University

  • Christopher Nocco

    Christopher Nocco

    Paco County Sheriff's Office

  • Brian Phillippi

    Brian Phillippi

    Trademark Metals Recycling

  • Scott Ross

    Scott Ross

    Capital City Consulting

  • Katherine San Pedro Delburn

    Katherine San Pedro Delburn

    Ballard Partners, Inc.

  • Jonathan Satter

    Jonathan Satter

    COO & Managing Director
    White Wolf Capital Group