Todd Romberger Bio Headshot

Executive Staff Member

Todd Romberger

Senior Vice President Spaceports Business Unit

Todd Romberger is Senior Vice President of the Spaceports Business Unit at Space Florida, where he is responsible for implementation of strategic objectives across all spaceport related functions of the organization including sales and client fulfillment, spaceport operations, infrastructure planning and development, and facilities management. Space Florida’s portfolio of spaceport assets includes the former Shuttle Landing Facility, Launch Complex 20, Launch Complex 46, Exploration Park, the Space Life Sciences Laboratory, and the Commercial Crew & Cargo Processing Facility, among other existing and future developments.

Prior to his current role, Todd served as Vice President of Commercial Space for Space Florida, where he was responsible for Space Florida’s business development activities in the emerging space tech market, leading capture and execution of several marquee Space Florida projects including Airbus OneWeb Satellites’ high volume satellite production facility, financing of in-space manufacturing equipment for Made In Space, Firefly Aerospace’s east coast launch and manufacturing site development, and the transition of the former Orbiter Processing Facility 3 into commercial operations. Todd joined Space Florida in 2011, working closely with Masten Space Systems to pave the way for vertical landing at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport.

Prior to joining Space Florida, Todd held operational roles throughout the commercial space industry including as a satellite operator of the Genesis I and Genesis II experimental expandable spacecraft at Bigelow Aerospace, and as a weightless flight coach for ZERO-G where he has accumulated over 500 weightless parabolas on commercial flights. He has also held engineering roles at Lockheed Martin and ASRC Aerospace. Todd was the first person to taste test beer designed for consumption in space in a microgravity environment, and has served as a crew member of the Mars Desert Research Station.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Central Florida.