Space Florida is where leading aerospace companies get everything they need to see their new ideas take off. All the aerospace communities want your business and say they can help. But it takes more than tax incentives, some quick cash, and a ribbon cutting to really get a new idea off the ground and ensure sustainable, long-term growth.

You need to be where new ideas take off, because that’s where you’ll find:

#1 Unrivaled experience – by teaming up with finance, business, and industry experts who’ve proven they know exactly what it takes to launch successful, groundbreaking aerospace initiatives.
#2 Unmatched financial tools – so you can access capital and lower your long-term costs with customized financing and tax efficiencies you simply can’t get anywhere else.
#3 Unbeatable location – where you can take your place in the new space economy or any other aerospace market with direct access to established infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and an environment built for innovation.

Only Space Florida brings this mix of experience, financial tools, and location.

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