Horizontal Integration Facility (HIF)

Built for Boeing’s Delta IV Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) program, this 88,960-square-foot facility was financed by Space Florida for $24 million and, under Space Florida’s management, was completed under budget and ahead of schedule.

Horizontal Integration Facility (HIF)

Project Details

The facility consists of a two bay launch processing high bay (252’ long by 201’ wide with a 76’ eave height), a flight hardware staging annex (252’ long by 101’ wide with a 52’ eave height) and a two story air conditioned support area (252’ long by 51’ wide with a 26’ eave height). The high bay has two 74’ wide by 34’ high doors on each end and two 25-ton ordnance rated bridge cranes with hook heights of 55’. The annex has one 74’ wide by 34’ high door at each end. Concrete paved aprons accommodate movement of flight hardware. A parking lot with 94 spaces supports personnel.

Additional Information

In 2016, the HIF was featured in digital assets for Space Florida’s Space Tourism Campaign We Are Go – Vacationauts campaign