Launch Complex 20

Space Florida is working with the United States Space Force, 45th Space Wing to repurpose Space Launch Complex 20 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station to provide additional launch site opportunities for new space launch companies. Part of that coordination requires performing an Environmental Assessment of the impacts associated with reconstituting a legacy launch site.

Space Launch Complex 20 (SLC-20) Launch Complex Usage

  • February 1957 – September 1959 – Construction
  • USAF missions:
    • 1 July 1960 – First Titan I ICBM launch (LOX, RP-1 propellants)
    • 13 December 1961 – Last Titan I ICBM launch
      • Total Titan I launched – 16
  • 1962 – Pad transferred for space missions
    • 1 September 1964 – First Titan IIIA Space Launch Vehicle launch (N2O4, UDMH hypergolic propellants)
    • 6 May 1965 – Last Titan IIIA launch
      • Total Titan IIIA launched – 4
  • Following the last Titan IIIA launch, the launch complex was deactivated
  • April 1967 – Complex deactivated; June 1967 – Sold for salvage
  • November 1988 – December 1989 – Modification under Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) for two Starbird program pads
    • The facility consisted of
      • two launch pads with 58′ rail launchers, Pads 20A and 20B
      • two launch equipment buildings
      • launch support center
      • payload assembly building
  • SDIO missions:
    • December 1990 – May 1993 – Six sub-orbital SDIO missions launched
  • 1995 – Electronic equipment and launchers removed
  • 2000 – Spaceport Florida Authority built Horizontal Processing Facility and upgraded blockhouse equipment
      • Horizontal Processing Facility – building 18705
          • 120ft x 48ft x 30ft
          • Air Conditioned
          • 15 Ton Bridge Crane
          • Digital Phone Switch
          • Fire Protection System
  • Orbital Sciences reportedly used the blockhouse as a Pegasus launch control center during the early 2000s
  • NASA Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) (cryogenic test laboratory) arrived 2002; blockhouse upgraded and fiber lines installed between b/h and ATDC equipment pads
  • ATDC departed Oct 2009, equipment removed, complex deactivated
SLC 20 Environmental Assessment

In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act, the United States Air Force, 45th Space Wing (45 SW), as the Executing Agency for the United States Space Force, offers for public comment the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA)/Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the Reconstitution and Enhancement of Space Launch Complex 20, Multi-User Launch Operations at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. The Draft EA assessed potential impacts to land use/visual resources, noise, biological resources, cultural resources, air quality, climate, hazardous materials/hazardous waste (which includes solid waste and pollution prevention), water resources, geology and soils, transportation, utilities, health and safety, socioeconomics, environmental justice, and Section 4(f) properties. The Draft FONSI is based on the findings in the Draft EA. Copies of the Draft EA/FONSI are available for review through September 25, 2020 at the 45 SW Public Affairs Office, Building 423, Room C-129, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida, and online at and at (at “About Us” under the “Environmental” tab).