Launch Complex 36

Since October 2008, Space Florida has been working on the initial design and development of Launch Complex 36. The Air Force announced its intention to make surplus launch property available for commercial customers on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to enable a dynamic and globally competitive commercial space sector. With State appropriated funds of $14.5 million, Space Florida intends to attract viable commercial space business with the incentive of a ready, well-positioned, safe, and easily-maintained launch complex and is actively seeking launch and payload customers for this multi-use vertical launch facility.

Launch Complex 36

Past and Current Use

Launch Complex 36 (Pad A and Pad B) was home to dozens of successful Atlas-Centaur launches from the early sixties and was decommissioned in 2007. Most of the infrastructure has been demolished and removed. However, the site remains viable, strategic, and valuable for future launches not just because of its location, but because the property has an environmental categorical exclusion (catex) making it relatively easy to redevelop as a launch complex.


  • 138 total acres
  • 55 previously disturbed acres
  • capable of supporting several launch vehicle configurations
  • small and medium lift of up to 1.5 million pounds thrust to launch
  • payloads into low-Earth orbit and beyond
  • Administrative Building built in 20xx is an excellent condition