Operational Storage Facility

The Solid Rocket Motor Operational Storage Facility was originally built in 1995 by Spaceport Florida Authority for the Lockheed Martin Corporation’s long term storage of the Titan IV Solid Rocket Motor Upgrade (SMRU). Florida’s site was selected after intense competition from California, Utah, and Mississippi because of its proximity to railroads, secure location, and convenience to the Florida launch site.

Operational Storage Facility

Past and Current Use

The original tenant, Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC), operated and maintained the facility to the highest standards for 12 years. When the Titan Program was retired and LMC departed, they transferred approximately $600K of assets and equipment (crane motors, HVAC spares, air pallet, railcars, etc.) and a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to Space Florida. These assets are being made available to the current tenant, United Launch Alliance (ULA) using the OSF for storage of Atlas V rocket motors.


The Operational Storage Facility (OSF) is located on Florida National Guard property west of St. Augustine at Camp Blanding, Florida and is owned and operated by Space Florida. The Florida National Guard provides operational support.
The site currently house four Buildings totaling 69,560 square feet on 56 acres

SECB - Secure Entry Control Building (2,055 sf)
  • 3 Offices
  • Conference Room
  • Storage Room
  • Entry Control Office
  • 2 Restroom/Locker Rooms with showers
TIMF - Transfer, Inspection, and Maintenance Facility (11,780 sf)
  • 90’ high bay
  • 200 ton bridge crane
  • 125 ton bridge crane
CAR - Covered Air-bearing Roadway (26,800 sf)
  • 1006’ long
  • Sealed floor for use of air-bearing pallet
SSF - Segment Storage Facility (28,925 sf)
  • Long term storage area