Space Life Sciences Lab (SLSL)

Space Florida partnered NASA for land use and the State of Florida for construction of the Space Life Sciences Lab (SLSL). The State of Florida appropriated $25 million for the construction of the Laboratory and another $4 million for the development and construction of the Space Commerce Way road. This project resulted in the creation and long-term retention of over 100 high-tech and research jobs.

Past and Current Use

The Space Life Sciences Lab (SLSL) serves as the primary gateway for payloads bound for the International Space Station (ISS). The facility is currently leased to Dynamac (under NASA contract) through late 2010. Space Florida is currently negotiating with NASA on continued partnership structure. The SLSL is in a high state of activity preparing for upcoming Space Shuttle launches and research which is set to be installed on board both the Shuttle and the ISS. A portion of the research that is in final preparations are the ABRP (Advanced Biological Research Platform) to analyze plant growth in space on the ISS, the Apex Cambrian plant experiment to analyze outer bands of tree/wood formation, and the Tagus experiment to analyze plants growth stress.
Additionally, this unique facility serves as the initial phase of a new 400-acre Research and Technology Park at Kennedy Space Center, set to be called “Exploration Park”, which will be developed by Space Florida. The park will provide an ideal location for businesses and research groups with a need for close proximity to the launch and landing facilities and technical capabilities at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport.

Approximate Allocation of Occupied Space:

  • Labs/Technical Space: 32%
  • Vivarium: 25%
  • Administrative 35%
  • Facility Support: 8%
  • Building Services:Vacuum, compressed air, deionized water, steam, natural gas, high pressure nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide; electricity, sewage, chilled water
  • Lab Planning Module:10’8″ x 10’8″
  • Laboratories:25
  • Office Planning Module:8′ x 8′; 8′ x 10′
  • Special Equipment: Controlled environment chambers, cold rooms, positive pressure tissue culture room, dark room, tunnel washer, environmental chambers
  • Structure Type: Steel structure and concrete tilt-wall panels; field assembled metal panels; aluminum framed curtain wall with insulated low-e vision glass
  • Casework :Painted Steel with epoxy benchtop; stainless steel with stainless steel benchtop;
  • Fume Hoods: 6′ chemical hood in every laboratory; one (1) radioisotope rated; two (2) stainless steel fume hoods in animal lab
  • Biosafety Cabinets: Lessee Furnished
  • Other Facility Equipment: Glass washer/dryer, medium chamber autoclave; large chamber autoclave; rack washer/dryer; tunnel washer; bottle filler; dock leveler
  • Conference Rooms: One Large (100 person) Room, one video teleconference room, two medium rooms