Space Life Sciences Lab (SLSL)

Space Florida continues to expand and focus use of this unique R&D facility while supporting International Space Station (ISS) and sub-orbital research activities. Collaborative efforts with public and private universities and other commercial entities allow Space Florida to develop and attract R&D companies and expand positive economic impact throughout the state.

Space Life Sciences Lab (SLSL)

About the SLSL:

Space Florida, in partnership with NASA and the State of Florida, constructed and updated the Space Life Sciences Laboratory (SLSL) to meet the needs of our new customer base. We offer centralized services, core equipment, and payload processing capabilities along with excellent research and test laboratories. Our close proximity to the Cape Canaveral Spaceport supports our goal of developing a thriving intellectual community that advances microgravity research and space exploration with NASA and the commercial space industry.

The SLSL is located in Exploration Park directly outside the security perimeter of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and about 40 miles east of Orlando. The SLSL is a 104,000 square foot facility dedicated to exploring science and engineering in support of the United States’ Commercial Space Program.


  • 104,000 total sq. ft.
  • 30 Fully-Equipped Scientific Research Laboratories,
  • 11 Hardware Laboratories
  • Administrative/Office space
  • Full environmental control
  • 5 Conference Rooms (up to 100 person capacity)
  • Building Services: Vacuum, compressed air, de-ionized water, steam, natural gas, carbon dioxide,
    electricity, sewage, chilled water.
  • Special Equipment: Controlled environment chambers, cold rooms, positive pressure tissue culture room, dark room, tunnel washer