Space Florida: Amazon’s Project Kuiper Protoflight

Space Florida: Amazon’s Project Kuiper Protoflight

EXPLORATION PARK, Fla.—October 6, 2023—Space Florida, the state’s aerospace finance and development authority, released the following statement on Amazon’s Project Kuiper Protoflight mission at Kennedy Space Center today. The quote below should be attributed to Robert Long, president and CEO, Space Florida. 

“We want to congratulate our partner Amazon’s Project Kuiper on their protoflight mission aboard ULA’s Atlas V. Today’s successful launch is a major step toward Amazon fulfilling its mission of providing affordable internet access to people across the world. 

Amazon’s Project Kuiper expansion to our Launch and Landing Facility signals to the market that Space Florida’s decades of capital investment has created the aerospace ecosystem in the state. 

We have stepped into a new era in the space economy, revitalizing the infrastructure once used for government space operations and utilizing them for the next generation of space innovation, exploration, research, manufacturing and testing. 

When companies like Amazon partner with us, we invest in the community and infrastructure and drive the new era of aerospace commerce.” 


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