Space Florida: Establishing Global Space Transportation Networks Puts Florida at Center of Aerospace Commerce

Space Florida: Establishing Global Space Transportation Networks Puts Florida at Center of Aerospace Commerce

EXPLORATION PARK, Fla.—March 12, 2024—After successful meetings in the United Kingdom with key leaders during the 2024 Space-Comm Expo, Space Florida’s president and CEO Rob Long announced intentions for Space Florida to develop the regulatory framework that will underpin international commercial transportation through space commerce with strategic allies. The below statement should be attributed to Rob Long, Space Florida president and CEO. 

 “Much like the transportation networks that support airports and link international travel and commerce, a network of spaceports–connected and supported through global cooperation–could redefine the boundaries of economic exchange. Innovative commercial concepts like space trade routes enabled by point-to-point space travel require international cooperation and development. Strategic considerations and regulatory frameworks for establishing these space commerce trade routes are needed to ultimately build an international aerospace commerce framework to support industry growth, encourage private investment, and ensure sustainable development. 

“From innovative funding models and financial efficiencies to regulatory standards for in-space assets, all options must be considered and worked through collaboratively. We must balance fostering innovation while ensuring safety, security, and sustainable operations. 

“We look forward to working with our international counterparts to build a framework that could transform this idea into a global space transportation network, of which Florida is the critical node driving aerospace commerce.”  


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