Space Florida, Israel Innovation Authority Funded $20 Million into Research and Development Projects over a Decade

Space Florida, Israel Innovation Authority Funded $20 Million into Research and Development Projects over a Decade

 EXPLORATION PARK, Fla.—June 19, 2023—Today Space Florida, the state’s aerospace finance and development authority, and the Israel Innovation Authority, an independent publicly funded agency dedicated to fostering innovation ecosystems, announced the award recipients of the tenth round of funding from the Space Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership Program. The program, with $2 million available in funding, has supported the research, development, and commercialization of aerospace and related technology projects for the benefit of Florida’s and Israel’s economy over the past 10 years.

“Congratulations to this year’s Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership Program recipients,” said Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez. “This collaboration between Florida and Israel holds significant value for our space industries. By working together, we ensure a prosperous future for aerospace and further strengthen the economic relationship between Florida and Israel.”

“Our decade-long partnership with Space Florida in space-related technologies has yielded incredible successes and propelled innovative projects forward that will truly revolutionize the aerospace sector,” said Dror Bin, CEO, Israel Innovation Authority. “With an annual joint investment of $2 million, we have leveraged disruptive innovations and projects all while further strengthening the ties between our economies.”

“From research and development to access to capital, Space Florida is truly where aerospace companies get everything they need to see their new ideas take off,” said Frank DiBello, president and CEO, Space Florida. “By combining the expertise and resources of both entities, this partnership has fostered an environment conducive to breakthrough advancements and entrepreneurial growth. We take great pride in the development of groundbreaking technologies that this partnership has enabled!”

This year’s award recipients are:

Sidus Space, Merritt Island Florida and Maris-Tech, Israel: Sidus Space, Merritt Island Florida and Maris-Tech, Israel propose to develop and test on orbit a 360-degree ultra-high definition (HD) video recording and downloading system for the purposes of conjunction avoidance, rendezvous, and proximity operations. This system will enable the safe deorbiting of satellites that meet the requirements for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite operations, while providing a cost-effective approach to complex orbital environments.

Arralis Space Daytona Beach, Florida & Ayecka Communications Systems, Israel: The project involves the joint development by Arralis Space in Daytona Beach and Ayenka Communications, Israel, of a complete, integrated satellite communication system with a modem, transceiver, and antennas that can support DVB-SX2, multiple modulation schemes, and encryption.

Guident Autonomous Intelligence, Boca Raton, Florida and Novelsat Limited, Israel: In compliance with regulations for operating autonomous vehicles on public roads in numerous U.S. states, a Remote Monitor and Control Center (RMCC) solution is required and under this program, will be developed by Guident Autonomous Intelligence, Boca Raton, and Novelsat in Israel.

ETA Space, Rockledge, Florida and Helios Project, Israel: Eta Space LLC of Rockledge FL and Helios Project of Zur Yigal, Israel intend to leverage each companies’ specific technology expertise to develop and deploy a joint Lunar Oxygen Station that will be used to convert Lunar regolith into liquid oxygen for propulsion and life support applications.

Sidus Space, Merritt Island, Florida & Lulav Space, Israel: Sidus Space and Lulav Space propose to develop and demonstrate an Event Based Star Tracker for application to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) vehicles. They will innovatively engineer and test on orbit an event-based star tracker that meets the requirements for improved operations of orbiting spacecraft and rocket launch systems compared to current state-of-the-art star trackers widely in use.

Past recipients include Tampa-based StemRad and their radiation-shielding vest ‘AstroRad’, developed in partnership with Lockheed Martin. With initial funding from Space Florida, ‘AstroRad’ was researched and tested at Kennedy Space Center for the goal of protecting astronauts in low Earth orbit (LEO). The recent culmination of this vital research was the successful round the Moon flight of ‘AstroRad’, as it was scientifically tested aboard NASA’s Artemis I mission.

The joint funding program established in 2013 has provided crucial support for projects that have transformative implications for the aerospace industry. Through this collaboration, Florida-based companies have gained access to Israeli technological prowess and innovation, while Israeli companies have benefited from the state’s thriving aerospace ecosystem. Enterprise Florida’s Israel Office has been instrumental in this partnership and Call for Projects.

This partnership has not only strengthened ties between Florida and Israel but has also fueled the emergence of cutting-edge technologies, paving the way for a brighter future in the aerospace and technology sectors in the state of Florida. To date, Space Florida and the Israel Innovation Authority have facilitated the funding of $20 million in vital and innovative research awards.

More information can be found at www.spaceflorida.gov/israelpartnership.


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