Space Florida: Starship Launch Underscores Importance of Florida’s Space Ecosystem

Space Florida: Starship Launch Underscores Importance of Florida’s Space Ecosystem

EXPLORATION PARK, Fla.—April 20, 2023—Space Florida, the state’s aerospace finance and development authority, released the following statement on SpaceX’s launch of its Starship vehicle, the world’s most powerful launch vehicle ever developed.


The following is attributed to Frank DiBello, President, and CEO of Space Florida.


“We want to congratulate SpaceX on the successful launch of Starship, marking a spectacular milestone for the company and the space industry. SpaceX continues to inspire with their unwavering commitment to innovation, technology, and pushing the limits of what’s possible.


“Today’s Starship launch underscores the importance of an ecosystem that enables and supports fundamental change in how we do things, and we are building that system in Florida to allow innovators to imagine, build, launch, recover, and even refurbish and relaunch – all from the Sunshine State. We look forward to a bright future for SpaceX with Starship, doing exactly that – building, processing, launching, and recovering, refurbishing and re-launching right here from Florida’s Spaceport System.


“Space Florida is preparing for a future business climate for space enterprise when manufacturing, mining, tourism, energy production, and other economic activity is occurring in space at scale. Our mission is to make Florida the leading global location and doorway for the reality of a space economy here on the ground and in low earth orbit. We are well on our way to achieving that goal, and Starship continues to open that door!”




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