Space Florida: Tax-Exempt Spaceport Bonds

Space Florida: Tax-Exempt Spaceport Bonds

EXPLORATION PARK, Fla.—October 12, 2023—Space Florida, the state’s aerospace finance and development authority, released the following statement regarding Rep. Tyler Sirois filing a House Memorial pursuing tax-exempt status for spaceport bonds under the Internal Revenue Code. The quote below should be attributed to Robert Long, president and CEO, Space Florida. 

“We are pleased to learn that Rep. Tyler Sirois has filed a House Memorial to the U.S. Congress requesting that spaceport facility bonds receive tax-exempt status. This forward-thinking initiative recognizes the critical role spaceports play in advancing the space industry, bolstering economic growth and enhancing our national security.

In solidarity with Rep. Sirois, Space Florida recently submitted a letter to the Internal Revenue Service in support of this legislation, demonstrating the critical role spaceports play in our intermodal transportation infrastructure. Offering this tax exemption will not only benefit Florida, but it will have a profound impact on the entire country, solidifying America as a leader in the rapidly growing aerospace industry, now and for generations to come.”  


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