Space Florida’s Frank DiBello Applauds Continued Work of National Space Council

Vice President Mike Pence, Council Hold Meeting at Cape Canaveral Spaceport

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CAPE CANAVERAL SPACEPORT, Fla. (February 21, 2018) – This morning, Vice President Pence chaired the second meeting of the National Space Council at John F. Kennedy Space Center’s Space Station Processing Facility (SSPF) at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport. The role of the Council is to strengthen the United States leadership in space.

Today’s meeting, entitled, “Moon, Mars, and Worlds Beyond: Winning the Next Frontier,” included testimony from senior representatives from civil, commercial and national security space. The meeting addressed issues including regulatory, acquisition and export control reform, as well as space traffic management and spectrum. The Users’ Advisory Group was also introduced this morning, comprised of 29 individuals who will help to “foster close coordination, cooperation, and technology and information exchange” across the U.S. space enterprise.

The Vice President tasked NASA, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of State to work together to develop a framework for partnerships with the private sector and international partners, to be completed by the next Council meeting (anticipated Fall 2018).

“We were pleased to welcome Vice President Pence and members of the National Space Council to Florida and the Cape Canaveral Spaceport, the unequivocal leader in space exploration,” said Space Florida President and CEO Frank DiBello. “Recent commercial successes such as the SpaceX Falcon Heavy reinforce the importance of the National Space Council and its efforts in promoting America’s leadership in space exploration. I was especially encouraged by Vice President Pence’s assertions that this administration will encourage the government to be a partner and customer, rather than a competitor, and to be a tenant not a landlord in the future. I look forward to further engaging with the Council.”

On Tuesday, Vice President Pence and Air Force Two landed at Space Florida’s Shuttle Landing Facility ahead of a reception in honor of the National Space Council. The reception was held under the Space Shuttle Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, and was co-sponsored by Space Florida, the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration, Aerospace Industries Association and the America Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

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