Horizontal Integration Facility (HIF)

Project Details

The facility consists of a two-bay launch-processing high bay (252’ long by 201’ wide with a 76’ eave height), a flight hardware staging annex (252’ long by 101’ wide with a 52’ eave height) and a two story air conditioned support area (252’ long by 51’ wide with a 26’ eave height). The high bay has two 74’ wide by 34’ high doors on each end and two 25-ton ordnance rated bridge cranes with hook heights of 55’. The annex has one 74’ wide by 34’ high door at each end. Concrete paved aprons accommodate movement of flight hardware. A parking lot with 94 spaces supports personnel.

Additional Information

In 2016, the HIF was featured in digital assets for Space Florida’s Space Tourism Campaign We Are Go – Vacationauts campaign

Launch Complex 41

Project Details

Space Florida first learned of ULA’s desire to explore this refinancing opportunity during a meeting in early April, 2009. The transaction was culminated very quickly – less than one month – so as to satisfy Lockheed’s intent to transfer the ground lease, as well as the launch infrastructure and outstanding debt associated with it, to ULA.


This transaction allows the seamless continuation of Atlas V Evolved Expendable Launch vehicle (EELV) operations from LC-41 and creates the potential for further infrastructure development at LC-41.

Apollo Saturn V Center

Project Details

Over two million people visit this facility each year to learn both the history of our space program and new exciting developments in space exploration. The Center is also the VIP Viewing site for Space Shuttle Launches.
NASA Kennedy Space Center and industry provided the additional funds to move and restore the rocket.

Additional visitor opportunities: Kennedy Space Center.

Shuttle Launch Experience

Project Details

Opened in May 2007, the Shuttle Launch Experience design team, veteran NASA astronauts and renowned attraction experts, created this authentic experience by deploying sophisticated motion technology, special effects seats, and high fidelity visual and audio presentations. The unique experience immerses visitors in the sights, sounds, and sensations of launching into space on board a space shuttle.


This new attraction has enjoyed overwhelming success and has significantly increased the number of visitors to Kennedy Space Center. The Shuttle Launch Experience manages to entertain as well as educate visitors about the space program’s history as well as its present and future.

O & C Building

Project Details

  • $35 million appropriated by the State of Florida
  • Project earned the Golden Eagle Award for Excellence from ABC
  • Completed on time and under budget
  • 900 people were, at some point, directly involved in the project
  • 59 of the 70 subcontractors and vendors were Florida-based


  • An average of 100 direct, full time jobs were created during the construction Will lead to an estimated 300 full time jobs when fully operational.
  • Modifications and upgrades were designed to support flight hardware manufacture, assembly, checkout, and processing.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Facility

Space Florida secured more than half of the $100 million needed for construction of this 90,000-square-foot exhibit through an innovative credit arrangement with Bank of America, where a percentage of revenue from tickets and concessions service the loan. This unique transaction would not have been possible without Space Florida’s unique State empowerments and high-profile banking relationships.

Creation and management of Space Shuttle Atlantis by Delaware North Companies have resulted in hundreds of new jobs in Florida and tourism numbers are growing rapidly in response to this one-of-a-kind exhibit.

Northrop Grumman Expansion

The State of Florida and Brevard County cheered the news that the Air Force had chosen Northrop Grumman to build our nation’s next-generation bomber. This contract award is expected to be worth $80 billion for the initial 100 bombers the Air Force says it needs.

Northrop Grumman’s decision to locate the ”Project Magellan” at Orlando Melbourne International Airport is expected to generate a return on investment well beyond the taxpayer investment in the project. When the company officially announced the project in May 2014, it committed to Phase 1, creating the Manned Aircraft Design Center of Excellence, with an investment of approximately $75 million in facilities and equipment, and creation of 300 engineering positions at an average annual wage of $100,000. Overall, the company exceeded the above commitments in Phase 1, having constructed an approximately 220,000 square foot facility in ahead of schedule and hiring some 425 plus employees at average wage levels well above the promised $100,000. And it appears the company will exceed its commitments of Phase 2 of the project as well.

OneWeb Satellites Manufacturing

OneWeb Satellites, a joint venture equally owned by OneWeb and Airbus Defence and Space, unveiled its decision to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Exploration Park. The move will result in the creation of 250 new jobs and a capital investment of $85 million.

Leading a transformational shift in the way that spacecraft are integrated, OneWeb Satellites factory will be the most advanced and highest volume satellite production facility in the world, capable of producing 15 satellites per week at full capacity. Moreover, it will be the only satellite production facility co-located within a spaceport, eliminating the costly time-consuming step of shipping sensitive satellite systems thousands of miles.

OneWeb will deploy an innovative constellation of 900 satellites into medium Earth orbit; this extensive constellation will allow OneWeb to offer high speed internet access anywhere in the world. OneWeb has teamed with recognized commercial brands including Coca-Cola, Virgin Group and Qualcomm in its quest to bring internet access to underserved populations around the world.

Embraer Engineering & Technology Center

As a result of the financing provided through Space Florida and the Department of Economic Opportunity, the 75,000 square-foot state-of the-art technology center will employ more than 200 senior-level design and engineering professionals by 2016 with average salaries of $70,000. Space Florida funding also made possible advanced design capabilities in the new facility, including 3D printing machinery, advanced CAD-cam design tools, and virtual reality software that will allow Embraer to design, develop and test prototypes, and manufacture executive jet interiors in a streamlined manner.

Thanks to solid teamwork with state and local agencies, Embraer continues to grow in Florida – and Florida can now boast a world class aviation design center in Melbourne, thanks to Embraer.