Launch Complex 41

In June 2009, Space Florida and United Launch Alliance (ULA) completed a refinancing of the outstanding conduit debt on Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. This transaction was concurrent with the transfer of the ground lease with the U.S. Air Force from Lockheed Martin to ULA. Approximately $92 million in outstanding debt was refinanced, with liability for repayment transferred from Lockheed Martin to ULA.

Launch-Complex-41 Atlas V Launch

Project Details

Space Florida first learned of ULA’s desire to explore this refinancing opportunity during a meeting in early April, 2009. The transaction was culminated very quickly – less than one month – so as to satisfy Lockheed’s intent to transfer the ground lease, as well as the launch infrastructure and outstanding debt associated with it, to ULA.


This transaction allows the seamless continuation of Atlas V Evolved Expendable Launch vehicle (EELV) operations from LC-41 and creates the potential for further infrastructure development at LC-41.