O & C Building

The Operations and Checkout (O&C) facility at Kennedy Space Center was originally built to assemble the Apollo capsule. When NASA announced the development of the next generation Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV), Space Florida stepped up and provided the $35 million necessary to refurbish and modernize the O&C. Working closely with the Orion contractor, Lockheed Martin, Space Florida has assured that the MPCV will be built and refurbished in Florida for many years.


Project Details

  • $35 million appropriated by the State of Florida
  • Project earned the Golden Eagle Award for Excellence from ABC
  • Completed on time and under budget
  • 900 people were, at some point, directly involved in the project
  • 59 of the 70 subcontractors and vendors were Florida-based


  • An average of 100 direct, full time jobs were created during the construction Will lead to an estimated 300 full time jobs when fully operational.
  • Modifications and upgrades were designed to support flight hardware manufacture, assembly, checkout, and processing.